Rickenbacker 360 12 string Walnut...2014

This is a 2014, 360 12 string Rick...serial No 1441718, see photos
Its a natural Walnut finish,
Comes with the original case with Rick cloth.
Its in absolute mint, unmarked condition throughout, all original
no mods or changes, nothing missing.
All hardware is as new, The body, neck and headstock are perfect.
It has no fret wear or signs of being played!!, this guitar has had no use and been well looked after...without doubt the best example of a 360 12 string we have ever had in stock!!
The 360  12 string in this finish is a rare model, very collectable, particularly in this condition.
Its available from PMT online for £2995.
For more details please contact us...Thanks...Curly Music Liverpool

Rickenbacker 360, 12-String Semi-Acoustic Electric Guitar, Satin Walnut Finish

The Rickenbacker 300 series of Semi-Acoustic guitars is one of the most recognisable series of instruments in modern music, and has been gracing stages and studios worldwide since the late 1950s.  The Rickenbacker 360 in particular has seen a great amount of success, with their famous 60's Britpop style "jangle" making them a mainstay in the arsenal of such artists as George Harrison (The Beatles) and Peter Buck (of R.E.M. fame).

Rickenbacker's most comfortable-to-play guitar

This Rickenbacker 360 is a 12-string, semi-acoustic guitar that comes complete with a Walnut body, maple neck and fretboard (with striking triangle fret inlays), a pair of high-output single coil pickups, traditional RIC "R" Tailpiece, a natural Walnut satin finish, and those famous RIC twin output sockets (labeled Standard and Rick O Sound).

Traditional Body

The Rickenbacker 360 has been constructed with the classic "Twin Crescent" cutaway shape, and has been continually improved over the decades.  This light-weight, deluxe, semi-hollow dual cutaway design makes for a comfortable playing experience and grants you full access across the whole fretboard range.  The sound produced by these pickups is perfect for those musicians hoping to recreate the jangly "Brit pop" sound that was prevalent in the 1960s.

Exquisite Electronics

The high-output Single Coil pickups are designed along similar lines to the original Toaster pickups, only with a higher output that's more suited to today's musical needs.  In addition to each pickup have it's own Volume & Tone controls, there's a Blend control knob. 

This knob has several different functions, such as acting as a tone blender between the pickups and as a general Bass & Treble EQ for the guitar.  It's primary function though, is to act as a volume equaliser for the bass pickup, boosting the usually quieter pickup to be of a comparatively equal volume to its treble counterpart.

That Famous "Rick O Sound"

In addition to the excellent pickup circuitry, the 360 Model also comes with two output jack sockets: one for the standard "mono" output, and a second labeled "Rick O Sound".  This gives you the ability to hook the guitar up to two amps simultaneously, sending a single pickup signal to each, resulting in that  famed jangly sound that has been the hallmark of Rickenbacker guitars for more than 50 years! 

12 Strings

A 12-string guitar produces a far richer tone than a standard six-string.  The additional strings on the instrument are placed side-by-side with the traditional 6 strings, with only a narrow gap between them, and whilst the Top E and B strings are tuned in unison with their counterparts (essentially, doubling up), the 4 extra strings in the lower register are tuned to an octave higher than their own counterpart, making for a beautifully rich wash of sound even when playing the simplest of chords.

  • Body: Walnut
  • Body Type: Semi-Acoustic
  • Neck: Maple
  • Fretboard: Maple
  • Frets: 24
  • Scale Length: 24.75"
  • Nut Width: 1.63"
  • Inlays: Triangles
  • Neck Binding: Yes
  • Tailpiece: "R"
  • Pickups: 2 x High-Output Single Coils
  • Output Types: Mono & Stereo "Rick O Sound"
  • Tuners: Schaller

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