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    Puretone 1/2 size Electric Guitar

    This is a 1/2 size electric guitar, ideal for young kids as a starter electric or great as a travel electric...nice and convenient to take with you on holiday as it will fit in an average size suitcase!

    This is not a has a single pickup and a volume control, individual string saddles so the string action ( height of strings off the fingerboard ) can be adjusted. It has 6 individual tuners.

    You need a small amp or a plug in headphone preamp to hear it...You can get these for your mobile phone online now, even with effects built in!!

    We originally sold these as part of a package for £39.99 ( Argos sell it for £75.00 ) 

    We only have a limited quantity.

    For more details please contact us...Thanks, Curly Music Liverpool