Mesa Boogie Road King Mk II 2 x 12 Valve Amplifier Custom Colour & Foot Switch

Here we have for sale is a USA Mesa Boogie Road King Mk2 Custom Red Finish, this truly is a awesome piece of kit and by far one of the best amplifiers we have ever heard.
Overall condition is excellent throughout with hardly any marks.
Each Channel features Independent 3-Position Style Mode Switch, Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Presence, Master, Footswitchable All-Tube Long Spring Reverb, 5-Position Progressive Linkage™ Power Tube Select, Channel Assignable Dual Rectification with Recto Tracking (Diode or Tube Tracking - Patent 7,193,458), Speaker Output Selector Switch (Speaker Out A, B or A+B), FX Loop 1 and 2 Assignment Selector Switch (allows you to auto-assign each FX Loop to either come on or off when the channel is activated or be controlled via the footswitch)
RRP over £4500.00!!

Wattage Multi-Watt 50, 100 or 120 (Channel Assignable)
Power Tube Type 4x6L6 & 2xEL-34 with Progressive Linkage™
Channels & Modes 4 Channels / 12 Modes
Mode Voicings / Styles Ch. 1 = Clean, Fat or Tweed
Ch. 2 = Clean, Fat or Brit
Ch. 3 = Raw, Vintage High Gain or Modern High Gain
Ch. 4 = Raw, Vintage High Gain or Modern High Gain
Graphic EQ / Reverb / FX / Solo Reverb, 2 FX Loops, Solo
Footswitchable Functions Ch. 1, 2, 3, 4, Solo, Reverb, FX Loop 1 & 2, Mute
Speaker(s) & Impedance 2 - 16 Ohm Celestion Custom 90 / Total Load = 8 Ohms
Weight 98 Lbs.
Dimensions 22 1/8" H x 28 1/2" W x 12 1/8" D

We buy, sell and take part ex so any questions please contact us for more info.

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