Marshall JCM 25/50 2555X Silver Jubilee Reissue Head & Cab

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Superb example which just sounds awesome! This is preowned but hardly been used which also comes with the foot and castors for the cab.

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Way back in 1987, Marshall celebrated 25 years of production, and founder Jim Marshall celebrated 50 years in the music business, by releasing a unique limited- edition head called the 25/50 Silver Jubilee.

Clad in silver vinyl, with an eye-catching chrome control panel, the 25/50 was only sold in its special finish during the anniversary year. Consequently, silver-vinyl originals are now very collectable.

Marshall re-visited the 2555 again in 1996 for its first- ever signature amplifier, the 2555SL Slash, limited to just 3,000 units before once again disappearing from the catalogue.

All of this just served to stoke the demand for 2555s even more - and it's never really faded. After months of rumour, Marshall finally announced a reissue of the original silver 2555, with the model designation 2555X, earlier this year. And here it is.

The 2555X Silver Jubilee reissue has the same silver vinyl covering used on the originals, and looks just as handsome. The amp is made in the UK and built to regular UK specs, with a birch ply cabinet and a heavy-duty welded steel chassis. The chassis has to be heavy because it supports two enormous transformers, which are the main contributors to the 2555X's 22kg kerb weight.

Externally, very little has changed - the carry handle end covers are now chrome, and Marshall has chosen to do away with the rear panel rotary switches used to select speaker impedance and input voltage.

Instead, there are five speaker sockets wired to cover practically any combination of speaker enclosure, and the amps are permanently wired for the voltage of the country they're sold in.

Inside the chassis, the electronics are mostly mounted on one large high-quality PCB, including all the valve bases. There isn't much in the way of wiring, but what there is has been neatly tied and routed in typical Marshall fashion.

It's difficult to see how much of the layout has changed because the PCB is covered in black, but the infamous LED-based clipping circuit is certainly still there.

The rest of the amp looks pleasingly familiar, with a simple front panel layout featuring controls for bass, mid, treble, presence, together with a preamp gain and two master volume controls - one for lead and one for rhythm.

A push/pull switch on the output master volume changes channels, while another on the gain knob flips the 2555X into rhythm clip mode, changing the clean channel into something a lot more aggressive.

The other item of note on the front panel is the third rocker switch, which changes the output stage mode from pentode to triode, dropping the power from 100 down to around 50 watts, and softening the attack a little.

The sparse rear panel also features a series effects loop, a fixed-level frequency- compensated DI output, and a jack socket for a single-button footswitch, used to change channels. Overall, the 2555X is built to last and look good for a long time, with Marshall's typically high build quality and attention to detail.

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