Magnatone Lyric 10 TV Style 10 Watt Valve Combo

Here we have for sale is a superb Magnatone Lyric 10 TV Style 10 Watt Valve Combo which is a fantastic little valve amp and really packs a real punch considering the small size. 

Overall condition is MINT as it has hardly been used


Magnatone Lyric 10 Combo TV-Style - 230V

The Lyric amplifier is a single ended tone monster in the style of classic personal sized amplifiers. With a 6L6 tube the Lyric produces 10 watts that is big bold and punchy. The Lyric head comes in an attractive crocodile skin faux tolex material, made of the highest quality cotton backing for the ultimate in durability and wear resistance. Multi laminate wood construction is used throughout for a solid cabinet structure.

A Jensen P10R rounds out the combo enclosure with the classic alnico magnet sound. Volume and tone controls are extremely accurate. NFB switch provides two settings of gain and harmonics by restructuring the power amp gain. External speaker output disconnects the internal speaker, and the line out is tapped directly from the speaker output, providing the fullest tone.


•  Single Ended Class A Power
•  Portable Sized Tone Machine
•  NFB Switch (Negative Feedback Switch to optionally change gain and harmonic character on the fly)
•  Compact Size with Tons of Headroom
•  Top Quality Saddle Leather Handle Made to Exact Vintage Specs
•  100% Designed and Built in the USA

Technical Specs:

•  Tube Complement: 12AX7, 6L6, GZ34
•  Inputs: High and Low Sensitivity
•  Power Output: 10 Watts Single Ended Class A
•  Tone: 14 dB range at 2Khz
•  Speaker: Jensen P10R
•  Dimensions: 38,1 x 38,1 x 24,2 cm

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