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Friedman Sir Compre Compression Effects Pedal

Compression is a must have effect on the board for almost any guitarist. You never know the tonal possibilities you have been missing out on until you get your hands on one. With a simple to use 5 control layout you get a lot more options than most pedal sized compressors but without it getting overly complicated like a lot of studio gear.
Compressor and Boost
One of the big joys about using a compressor is that it evens out your volume of your guitar making your loud playing quieter and your quiet playing louder. This can cause some level issues so Friedman added gain and level controls to this pedal so you can not only use this as a clean boost but also to add a little bit of grit to your signal.
Here's What Friedman Say About The Sir Compre
The Sir-Compre is an optical compressor pedal with a Friedman twist.   The compressor controls include volume, treble, compression and a tight knob.  The twist is the included wide-range gain knob.  This gain control is the mastermind of the Sir-Compre and allows you to shape the overall sound of the pedal from ultra-clean to semi-overdriven.  This combination of compression and overdrive delivers epic tone versatility - semi gritty compression, warm compressed overdrive, singing  compressed drive, or adding that special channel to your clean amp - it's all here with the Sir-Compre.  And the twist is in the same itself!
  •  Optical Compressor Pedal.
  •  Volume, Treble, Compression and Tight.
  •  Wide Range Gain Knob.
  •  True Bypass Switching.
  •  Powered by 18VDC (no battery)
  •  18V Spiltter Cable Included
  •  Assembled in USA