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    Freidman BE-OD Overdrive Effects Pedal

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    The Friedman BE sound has become the go to tone for those who want an extremely high gain version of the iconic British black and gold amps. Before that tone away was locked away in amps that easily cost over £1000, now you can get that tone in any kind of valve amp using just a single pedal. The Friedman BE-OD is an extremely powerful pedal that produces the exact tone you would expect with that BE branding.
    The original BE tone is over the top high gain madness with a refined British midrange and note to note clarity that is just unmatched. Somehow Dave Friedman managed to fit a tone that requires a huge valve amp in to a single pedal unit. That includes all of the gain that makes the amp so popular with everything from blues to classic rock and metal lovers.

    Video by the amazing guitar player Pete Thorn!
    6 Controls
    On the front of the pedal you have 6 controls that make it so easy to dial in your exact sound. On the EQ side you have Bass, Treble and Presence controls which all work very similar to how you would expect an amp to respond. Moving on to the other controls you have the usual level and gain controls as well as something called the tight control. This single control helps tighten up the low end for heavier sounds and give that tube amp like response.
    Made In The USA
    Like everything that caries the Friedman badge the BE-OD overdrive pedal is proudly designed and  made in the USA by some of the best engineers that have ever touched an amplifier. This is the perfect replication of the BE-100 amp in a compact pedal format. 
    Pro Grade
    Since the pedal was first released it has found its way onto the pedalboards of many major artists including people like Tosin Abasi who now uses the BE-OD for his main live drive sound through a clean valve amp. He has two of these on his pedalboard, that's how much he loves them!
    • Overdrive Pedal based on the Friedman BE100 tube amplifier
    • Controls: Volume, Gain, Tight, Bass, Treble and Presence
    • Power supply via 9V DC Power Supply (Not Included)