DWJ Amplification Bluesbrake 18 Hand Wired Tweed Valve Guitar Combo

One of best hand made boutique amplifier brands on the market today!


The 'Bluesbrake' represents three years research into an amplifier design. Designed to the EL84 class A power section and two quite different preamp stages that are: Channel 1with a EF86 tube then Channel 2 with an ECC83 offering a wide variety of tones very simply dialled in.

The configuration of the sound is very 60's British but with a unique twist of high levels of overdrive by 'cascading' the channels.

The amplifier has speaker outputs for 4,8 and 16 ohms so basically they can be used with virtually any configuration of cabinets.

Minimum of components have been used to retain the vintage feel and sound making your fingers the stars of the show.

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