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Cornell Plexi 7 Hand Wired 1 x 10 Valve Guitar Combo

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An Iconic Rock Tone

Plexi is the legendary nickname for the range of amplifiers produced by Marshall in the mid 1960s, delivering a classic rock tone that has been popular ever since. The Cornell Plexi 7 1x10 Combo Amplifier recreates this iconic tone by incorporating a full host of high quality components and circuitry. Whether you are in a rock band, or simply want to achieve that definitive sound, the Cornell range of Plexi amplifiers is the perfect choice for any guitarist.


The Cornell-Plexi amp delivers that instantly recognisable sound that many people associate with 1960s rock music. Using high quality valve technology, this hand-built combo offers a powerful tone despite its small size. Cornell amplifiers are designed to avoid frequency loss caused by printed circuits, by incorporating point-to-point wiring throughout. Each feature is hand-mounted onto a component board which is sealed using a conformal coating to prevent noise and the reduction of component life caused by moisture penetration. Highly trained staff take time in hand-wiring each component, to ensure the highest standards of reliability and sound. Its 10 inch Celestion Vintage speaker is perfectly equipped to deliver classic Plexi tones, and is perfect for studio use.


The Plexi 7 combo is made to ensure a very close reproduction of the full harmonic spectrum of your guitar’s pickups, resulting in a true, natural sound that will stand out in any application. Equipped with a full host of control options including Volume,Treble, Bass,Edge and an additional Push Pull switch on the volume which operates EQ cut, the Plexi 7 offers the perfect tone. Along with these standard settings, the Plexi 7 1x10 Combo also features an output valve voltage reduction control which gives you the choice of 7, 1.5, 0.25 and 0.05 Watts depending on your requirements.


  • Valves include 2 x ECC83, and 1 x EL84
  • A maximum of 7 Watts perfect for the studio or home use
  • 10 inch Celestion Vintage speaker for classic Plexi tones
  • Green vinyl covering with gold detail and leather handle
  • Output valve voltage reduction control gives you the choice of 7, 1.5, 0.25 and 0.05 Watts
  • EQ cut switch provides an additional gain boost when needed
  • Rugged design with Pine shell & plywood baffle
  • Control options include Volume, Bass, Treble,EQ Cut and Power Reduction


  • Power: 7 Watts
  • Speaker: 10 inch Celestion Vintage 10 speaker
  • Valve: 2x ECC83 and 1 x EL84
  • Input Impedance: Input Hi 2.2 MegOhm
  • Controls: Pre-amp Volume, bass, treble, Edge
  • Output: 7 Watts RMS, Class ‘A’
  • Cabinet: Plywood-shell and baffle


  • Height: 14.5"
  • Width: 16.5"
  • Depth: 7.75"
  • Weight: 13.5kg