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Blackstar Silverline Standard 20w Combo Amplifier

Preowned - Excellent Condition!

The Blackstar Silverline Standard is a newly-designed 20w Combo Amp with true boutique character, tone, and response.

A New Standard In Digital Guitar Amplification

Featuring a unique dual patent design, and powered by a powerful SHARC DSP, this amplifier delivers uncompromising tone for pretty much every play style, in a user-friendly, easy to transport format.

Blackstar Silverline Standard 20w Combo Amp Highlights

  • Stylish and versatile 20 Watt guitar combo amplifier
  • Six different voices, with six different True Valve Power-based Response types
  • 12 On-board effects, with adjustable parameters
  • Adjustable EQ, with Patented ISF control
  • High-end digital performance thanks to the on-board SHARC DSP platform
  • USB connectivity for audio-recording and re-amping
  • Manual mode allows you to transform the Silverline Standard into a more 'traditional' amp
  • Perfect for quiet rehearsal and home recording sessions

High-End Digital Performance

Thanks to the inclusion of a state-of-the-art SHARC processor, the Blackstar Silverline Standard delivers incredible tone that's suited to every playstyle.

This DSP works alongside the patented TVP powered Response feature, and helps to deliver the six unique voices and plethora of on-board effects to a boutique-standard, but in a simple, user-friendly format.

Amongst the on-board effects you'll find four different Modulation types (Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, and Tremolo), four Delays (Linear, Analogue, Tape, and Multi), and four Reverbs (Room, Hall, Spring, and Plate), each with adjustable parameters for you to fine-tune your sound.

Six Unique Voices

With the Blackstar Silverline Standard, the foundation of your sound begins with the voice that you choose. The six voices to choose from are as follows:

  • Clean Warm - Full-bodied, dynamic clean with a looser bass and glassy highs
  • Clean Bright - ‘Boutique’, with tighter bass and chiming mids and highs; breaks up when pushed hard
  • Crunch - Classic clean break-up to ballsy mid-gain crunch with a looser bass response
  • Super Crunch - Higher gain, fatter crunch with a tighter bottom-end
  • OD 1 - ‘Hot-rodded’ Master Volume overdrive with medium power amp damping
  • OD 2 - Mid boosted, articulate hot-rod overdrive

Simply pick your voice and use the patented ISF and TVP functions to fine tune it to perfection, and away you go!

Dual-Patent Design

Blackstar Amplification’s patented ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) control marks a real breakthrough in tone shaping potential.

Using the ISF control you can alter the response of the three control tone stack between the US type response at one end and the UK type response at the other with all the nigh-on infinite tone choices between them.

In addition to the spectacular tone-shaping properties of the patented ISF control, the Blackstar Silverline series also come equipped with the patented TVP Response function.

Valve-Like Tone And Response

Thanks to the patented TVP (True Valve Power)-based Response control, you can add the characteristics of your favourite valve amps onto your Silverline Standard's voice.

Whether you want the classic British Class A/B crunch tones of an EL34, or the tight, bold and dynamic Class A/B sound of a KT88, this patented control can take you there and beyond.

USB Connectivity

If you want to record directly to your computer without having to use a microphone or audio interface, the Silverline Standard will allow you to via its on-board USB socket.

Thanks to this USB connectivity you can record and even re-amp your signal with ease, laying down those tracks into your DAW of choice with just a few quick clicks.

Blackstar Silverline Standard 20w Combo Amp Specs

  • Power: 20w
  • Voices: 6 Voices - Clean Warm, Clean bright, Crunch, Super Crunch, OD1, OD2
  • EQ: Bass, Treble (Middle via TAP + ISF)
  • Patented ISF: Yes
  • Response: Yes
  • Effects: Modulation x 4, Delay x 4, Reverb x 4
  • Resonance: Yes (via TAP + Bass)
  • Presence: Yes (via TAP + Treble)
  • Patch Locations: 128 Patches
  • Headphone Output: Yes (Speaker Emulated)
  • Tuner: Yes
  • USB: Yes
  • Footswitchable: Yes
  • Speaker: 1 x Celestion VT-Jr 10"

TVP Response Types

  • EL84: Bell-like full-bodied Class A with lots of compression
  • 6V6: Crisp Class A with high compression and tight mids
  • EL34: Classic British Class A/B crunch with full-bodied soft break-up
  • KT66: Rich and warm, vintage British ‘hot biased’ Class A/B
  • 6L6: Tight dynamic Class A/B with extended highs and lows
  • KT88: Tight, bold and dynamic Class A/B with strong low-end