Bad Cat Bobcat 20R Valve Guitar Combo with Spring Reverb

Here we have for sale is a Bad Cat Bobcat 20R Valve Guitar Combo.

Overall condition is excellent throughout with hardly any marks as it has hardly been used.

The Bobcat 20 is a small combo featuring a single 6SL7 preamp tube feeding into a push-pull dual 6V6 power section. The front panel offers simple controls of gain, tone, boost tone, reverb and master volume. there are two small toggle switches on the front panel that engage the rip circuit for higher gain and boost circuit. The boost circuit bypasses the tone control for a thicker more midrange heavy tone. The boost is foot-switchable , Spring Reverb and a passive series effects loop round out of this combo.


Power: 20 Watts

Preamp: 6SL7

Power Tubes: 2 6v6

FX Loop: Series Passive

Speaker: 12" Bad Cat Celestion

Reverb: Spring

Bias: Cathode

Controls: Gain, Tone, Reverb, Master, Rip Switch, Boost Switch

Weight: 40lbs